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Welcome to SKIPC 360 - Providing Real Estate Help Honest .Experienced .Reliable .Genuine .Ethical

We believe - “We rise by lifting others.” Welcome to SKIPC 360. Helping you make right decisions.The basic motive of our company is to prevent our clients from fraud, scams, mis-leading adverts and unethical real estate developers. We have been serving the community since 1992. We make every effort to help our clients in growing their real estate portfolio by avoiding disputes and making transparent deals.


We make sure to take note of each and every customer’s requirement and then provide solutions based on it. We encourage and direct them to put resources into better place, taking care of their issue, with the goal that they don't make misfortune. Remember " Right Information Leads to Right Solution".

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Fraud & Trust Breach

We guide you to maintain a strategic distance from fraud, trick, misrepresentation, trust breaching in real estate and help you to settle on better choice and future. Do not follow mis-leading adverts and events. Remember owner will never say they have bad property or location. Always ask expert.

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Budget & Information

Always tell your expert genuine spending plan loan you going to take, liquid assets you have, circumstances, situations and prerequisite, this leads an expert to guide you better. Right guidance starts with right information. Trust SKIPC 360 for your every real estate venture. We guide you better.

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Real Estate Laws

Do not get 'BAMBOOZLED' with real estate laws. Laws of real estate are entirely different then court or corporate laws. Do not make mistakes that leads to unwanted disputes and heavey losses. Always take help of experienced real estate expert who knows laws better. An expert will keep you safe.

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Video Call Appointment

It is difficult for distant clients and NRI's to know what's going on with the local real estate. Now, you can simply get information, settle your arrangements, make deals by booking video call appointment. Exceptional service for far off and NRI customers. Helping clients from unwanted expenditure and hassle.

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Why Clients Love Us

If you believe in honest, genuiene, reliable, trustworthy and ethical dealing with transparency. Trust SKIPC 360 - Working since 1992.

We believe in long term relationship with our clients. Our philoshphy is matching demand with supply, rather then supply with demand.

"All that glitter is not gold". Donot get bamboozled by advertisements, it may not be what it seems. Always give true budget to your consultant.

About SKIPC 360

Long established, Mission & Trust - SKIPC 360 has been long established since 1992. Our clients gives us respective business, because they believe in us when they first meet us.


We are different because we use & keep transparency between clients. We don't ask you to invest straight, we only ask you when we are sure and feel its right to buy. We always look forward to long term relationship. That's why our first and second generation working to keep the relationship long.


People often get trapped with wrong consultants due to commission, big show dreams or fast returns. We differ because we don't play double standards. So don't get trapped. We are the best in term of property consultation because we are genuine, we are genuine and honest that why we are number 1 among our various competitors.

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Real Estate Problems

N.R.I.'s & Events - N.R.I. normally do investments abroad in the events and often get trapped with wrong prices, locations or even wrong builders and colinizers some time. Don't do that, its your hard earned money. Always ask your consultant in India. Discuss with them, they will verify each and everything. If incase legit then ask your consultant to buy on your behalf locally. Your consultant can not only negotiate but also take care of the real progress of the project you invested.

Too Cheap Always Fishy - A client get looted thinking property he is getting is below market price sold by foreign based client, transaction handled by third party fraud person. After making advance payment he showed us for checking of papersin good faith. We checked all the papers. All papers and signatures were fraud. We told him not to make another payment. But in trust of his relatives and friends he made 60% of payment. Thereafter when he realised, it was too late. He came back to us, saying we were right, we couldn't help him much but we trapped the fraudster and put him behind bars.

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Places To Visit Around Tricity

Kasuali & Barogh

Hill Station and Valley known for camping, treking & adventure (55 km from Chandigarh).

Golden Temple

Sikh religious temple, open for all religions. More then 100000 people visit everyday.


: Hill station popularly known for lakar bazzar and long weekend breaks.Many families and friends visit here


Maharaja garden known for family picnics and day out from chandigarh (22 km)

Renuka-Ji Lake

: Known for amazing lake boating and view around. Many tourist has given good reviews about this place.

Wagah Border

Amazing Flag parade of India and Pakistan border in early morning and late evening.

Cities That Comes in Tricity

PCA, International Airport and I.T. Hub Areas: Beautifull city with all advance amenities for all class of people. reasonable prices compared to chandigarh.

City View
City Beautiful, Le Corbusier & Rock Garden Areas: Best organised green city in India. With all the amenities, entertainment and safe for girls.

City View
Greater Mohali
Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial & North Country Mall Areas: Cheaper then mohali, even fits for middle class. With all the modren amenities

City View
Aerocity & Other
I.T. City, Sports Complex Areas: International airport established cheaper then mohali. Big companies like infosys has already started their work.

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personal Real estate advisor

27 years of experience ---

We provide a personal and professional service to our client for their real estate needs. Every client is different from another, small or big it doesnot matters. We understand each of our clients personal situation, their needs, budget plan, their assets and loan requirement. After discussing, analysing and covering all the aspects with our clients, we give solution and guidance which helps them in making right decision. "Always hire an expert before investing your hard earned money."

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